For an Unforgettable Experience, plan your next event at Magnum Shooting Range Budapest!

Magnum Shooting Range Budapest can accommodate small to large parties within our facility. Our Meeting Room includes a private entrance, 1 flat screen TVs and clean, nice restroom while our Training Room has plenty of seating for meeting space and can be reconfigured based on your needs. Your group will receive private instruction from our Firearm Specialists. Choose from any of our gun packages or customize your group’s experience.

Our exclusive Conference room is the perfect places for birthday parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties, and corporate events.
Please email us at: so we can help you to plan your special event.


I’m staying just some days in Budapest how can I shot at the shooting range?

1.    First of all you have to select a gun package.
2.    If you found your desired package, click the booking button and follow the instructions.
3.    You have to reserve your range for a specific date and time, and if you are ready please click SUBMIT.
4.    You will be dropped to our bank’s payment site, where you can pay your deposit with your credit card.
5.    If your reservation was successful, a confirmation will be send to your e-mail address indicated the exact time when you will be pick up by our shuttle bus. When you finished your shooting the bus will bring you back to the hotel. IF YOU  SELECT ONE OF OUR CITY+ PACKAGE, OUR SHUTTLE RIDE IS FREE OF CHARGE  FROM TWO PERSONS STAYED IN BUDAPEST.

Am I allowed to shot in your range if I’m not from Hungary?
Yes. We accept customers from all over the world. Please bring a valid ID like a passport or local driver’s license. You do not need special firearms license.

Can I split a package with someone else?
No, the packages are per person and cannot be split.

What is included with the gun shooting packages?
The prices of the packages include the ammunition, eye / ear protection, target, and one-on-one instruction from one of our Firearms Specialists.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, you must be 18 years of age with a valid identification document to shoot. Children must be 14 or older with a parent or legal guardian in order to shoot with .22 guns. Younger kids can come to our facility with parents but cannot go into the range.

I have never shot a gun before. Does that matter?

No, it does not matter. Our instructors provide one-on-one instruction and can adapt to all levels of experience. We also create a comfortable environment that is perfect for first timer shooters.

I have never shot before, which gun package should I choose?
Any gun package is acceptable for a beginner or expert shooter. You do not need shooting experience since our Firearms Specialists will be with you at all times providing instruction.

How long does the shooting last?

It depends on the size of your group and how many packages you want to shoot. Typically you can expect to be at our facility for over an hour.

Do I need to select my package when I make a Booking or can I decide when I get there?
You need to select your standard package when making a booking, but you can create your own package from the A La Carte menu when you get there.

Do your instructors speak English?
Yes, most of our sales staff and Firearms Specialists speak English.

Can I take pictures or video?

Yes. A friend or family member can take photos and videos within the range.

Do you provide eye and ear protection?

Yes, we do – at no extra charge.

What is a “round?”
A round is a bullet. When we refer to “25 rounds,” it is the same as 25 bullets.

When do you take your last shooting package for the day?
The shuttle rides usually start at the hotel from Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 and 12.00, but there is possibility to select other time for bigger groups.

Do you have parking?
Yes, we have free parking at our building.

What attire do you recommend?

There are no requirements but we would recommend that you wear closed toe shoes and avoid tank tops as hot brass can flying around.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

Do you offer shuttle rides from hotels?
Yes, from two persons the shuttle bus is free of charge staying in Budapest. The shuttle rides usually start at the hotel from Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 and 12.00, but there is possibility to select other time for bigger groups.

Can I come to your range to shoot after having a few drinks at a bar?
No. We will have no tolerance for anyone coming to the range after using drugs or alcohol and our instructors with years of law enforcement experience take this very seriously.