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Our shooting range is located at the crossing of the highways M3/M0 motorways in a Commercial Business Park in Fot! In designing and styling, we aimed to be the best and most favourable to every gunman (including hunters, sports shooters or beginners interested in weapons) visiting us in our 5-92 m indoor shooting range.

The performance of our sectors allows us to be able to organize individual, group, corporate or even friendly events at the same time. It is suitable for traditional point shooting events, IPSC, IDPA, and also Rapid Shooting (for training or organizing competitions). Hunting and sports shooters can use our 92 m (100 yards) sector.

Other services of our shooting range: event room for up to 50 people, a meeting room in middle of the sectors for 10-20 people where the visitors can watch the shooters through a bullet-proof window, parking places for 50 cars in the yard, 400m2 outdoor place for events.

After shooting we recommend to visit our state-of-art hunting shop with a huge selection of guns, clothes, gifts and accessories for hunters.

For more information, please contact our colleague at (70) 440-3355 or (20) 220 7770 mobile phone.